About Us

Wellnessible or Wellness is Possible is advocating to spread the power of health and wellness through webinars, podcast, online community and more! A movement that began in 2018 with a mission to help people achieve their maximum potentials by living a holistic lifestyle.

Joined by different wellness advocate / influencer / celebrity friends as well as health practitioners business partners, we have:


Wellnessible with Mikki Sachiko, a show on Spotify, Itunes and Google Podcast to help listeners achieve their life and wellness goals. Now on Season 3, in each episode, are transformative wellness and life lessons with different change-makers, influencers and advocates to help you grow professionally and personally.


A soon-to-be gamified wellness app to boost your healthy habits! Some proud startup achievements include being a finalist for Google for Entrepreneurs / Techstars Startup Weekend Manila 2018 and being on Top 12 out of 75 teams for the 2018 Social Enterprise Competition organized by Paris-based NGO Makesense for social impact.


An amazing online community that wants to be healthy and loves sharing wellness hacks and tips. To join simply go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/wellnessispossible

Let's make Wellness Possible to all!

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